My Practice

Discover what “therapy with Andrea” is really like.


You’re taking the first step toward actively manifesting the kind of change you seek for yourself and your loved ones.

There is a common misconception that seeking help means you are somehow weak, damaged, or defective. Reality is, it takes incredible wisdom and strength of character to recognize when you need a hand. It takes resourcefulness and courage to reach out and take it!

Most people move through life with blinders on.

The fact that you are here, reading my words, tells me that however you may be feeling in this moment, you’ve got your head up and your eyes open.

You are ready to do the work necessary to evolve into the person you are capable of being. You just need some help accessing the resources you have within to find your way.

Your Wellness Comes First

Regardless of what you are here to seek help for, the common denominator is that you have a built-in drive toward wellness that you are listening to.

In my many years working with people looking to grow, to heal, to evolve… however you want to conceptualize it… time and time again, what keeps me inspired and dedicated in this profession is witnessing the human spirit’s ability to survive, to learn, to heal, and to metamorphosize.

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My Approach

As a therapist and coach I am compassionate, respectful, authentic, warm and engaging. I create an atmosphere of safety to support your opening and exploring; a soft place to land, so to speak. I stimulate and challenge you when I sense you are ripe for it; at times this can be uncomfortable, and I stay close as your ally when those challenges prove painful.

My empathic abilities are strong and I have a way of really getting inside of your experience so that I might best understand what life is like in your shoes. I draw on your thoughts, feelings, somatic experiences and imagination as we work, and I do not check my sense of humor at the door.

While my work is grounded in theory and clinical training, it is powerfully infused with intuition and a wealth of personal experience.

I am authentically myself in my practice; I do not hide behind a pinstriped persona to project an air of professionalism. What most qualifies me to guide from “the chair” has been forged from my experience healing on “the couch.” I offer you the resources I have gained through my own extensive personal work.

I provide therapy and online coaching for young adults looking to improve their relationships, build self-esteem, and recover from past traumas

​Who I Work With

My diverse educational, professional, and personal background brings me to this work uniquely equipped. I have an unusually broad range to my personality and experience; this gives me a deep understanding of, and ability to treat, a variety of different people with a variety of different challenges.

There aren’t many sets of emotional shoes I can’t get my feet into. Because of this, the chemistry between me and my clients strongly determines who I work most effectively with. If I believe that I can genuinely connect with you, I am confident I can effectively help you through Relational Depth Therapy or Coaching.

I work with adults of different backgrounds, ages, genders, and orientations.

That diversity keeps me on my toes with ongoing study, training, and experience, ensuring I maintain an open perspective unhindered by rigid preconceptions (tunnel vision). I am able to approach and understand you and your challenges from a number of different angles, giving me the best possible chance of finding the most effective one to help you from.

Finding the right “fit” in a therapist-client relationship is vital to the efficacy of this work.

I am much more interested in doing effective work than doing a lot of work. If for any reason we decide we are not a good therapeutic match, I am happy to provide referrals to a trusted clinician within my network who might be a better fit.

My empathic abilities are strong and I have a way of really getting inside of your experience.