Develop Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your emotions can help you become more decisive, intuitive, and creative.

When it comes to emotions, different ideals and expectations are passed on by our respective cultures, families, and religions and spiritualities.

Many are taught that feelings are irrational if they don’t line up perfectly with their intellectual experience, leading to emotional disconnection.

There is usually a premium placed on the experience and expression of certain feelings while others are devalued. Regardless of those differences we all have at least two things in common.

  1. We’re all human beings with emotional spectrums that are natural to the human condition
  2. We’re all raised within families, cultures, religions or spiritualities which have impacted, and in many cases severely wounded our relationship to our emotional beings.

Many come into therapy with feelings that are conflicted, intrusive, confusing and overwhelming. Some find them to be absent, numb, flat or indistinctive. Without a clear emotional barometer, it’s hard to be decisive, intuitive and creative in life.

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How Relational Depth Therapy Can Help

Relational Depth Therapy can help you to understand and heal your emotional difficulties, whether you are feeling chaotic and overwhelmed, or numbed out and flat.

We all live somewhere on that continuum, and depending on which end you’re coming from, you can learn to better contain and manage your experience, or allow for more fluidity and aliveness.

As your therapist I will help you come to understand the logic of your emotions.

Together, we will create enough safety within yourself to allow them to be fluid. It is in this fluidity that we find ourselves to be most decisive, creative, and intuitively alive.

Why does my brain tell me one thing, while my feelings tell me something completely different?