Create Healthy Relationships

From romantic to platonic, professional, and beyond, our lives are built on relationships. Let’s make yours thrive.

Our personal relationships can be the source of our greatest comfort and joy, and our greatest strife and pain.

Some find themselves very alone in the world, having difficulty finding people with whom they can relate and genuinely connect. Others find themselves surrounded but still feeling alone, disconnected, and unable to really trust in their relationships.

Some find themselves too connected to those in their lives, feeling overly responsible for others (codependency), and tending to lose their sense of self when connected. Still others tend toward isolation and the wish to exclude personal relationships altogether.

Whatever version applies, we all experience some of our greatest challenges in relationship to others.

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How Relational Depth Therapy Can Help

As much as we face great challenge in this arena, we stand to gain great insight and growth here as well. Relational Depth Therapy helps you explore what comes up for you in relationships.

As your therapist, I will help you understand and address the wounds that hold you in dysfunctional patterns.

Through this process we will find new ways you can approach and enrich this part of your life.

The more I care about people, the more likely I am to feel hurt by their words or actions. But what can I do about it?