Empowerment: Get Unstuck

Rekindle your joy by moving past whatever obstacles are holding you back.

Many of us find ourselves reacting in life, as opposed to intentionally acting.

Whether this comes from unresolved wounding we all have from the past, or from deeper traumas, it leads to a disempowered existence in which we find ourselves simply treading water rather than taking strides forward.

In our work, our play, our creativity, our stations in life, our habits, our addictions, our relationships… we feel stuck.

Life seems to lose its luster and sense of meaning, and we may find ourselves feeling both personally and spiritually bereft.

Old wounds and traumas affect us psychologically much in the same way debt affects us financially. They both prevent us from relaxing into the present, and they both hamper our ability to invest powerfully and intentionally in our futures.

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Relational Depth Therapy is a powerful tool to explore our histories and discover the unfinished business that keeps us in holding patterns.

From this stance of awareness we have the opportunity to address and heal that which holds us back.

We can free up our energy, arrive more fully in the present, foster greater connection to ourselves and others, and learn to move intentionally through life.

In therapy, I will help you to heal your history and bring awareness to the ways in which you tend to react in life

This will help you to move toward an empowered stance of deep self-awareness. Together we will access your internal sense of guidance so that you can learn to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and intuition.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just going through the motions instead of actually living my life.