Improve Self Esteem

To learn to live with yourself you will have to give up being beside, beneath, and even above who you actually are.

In a culture that focuses on appearances, achievements, status and possessions, many experience an impoverished sense of self.

We are taught that who we genuinely are is not good enough: we must be more, do more.

Many project a facade of confidence and success, attempting to find peace that comes from genuine self worth (fake it “till you make it”), but in quieter moments encounter a deep sense of fraudulence, and an even deeper fear of being exposed.

We find ourselves immobilized or unable to stop moving, with peace and security always one more achievement away.

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Some are conscious of their feelings of inadequacy; they feel deflated in life and underachieve because if they don’t try, they don’t risk failure.

Others’ feelings of deficiency are completely unconscious; they experience themselves as very confident, competent and highly driven. They hide their low self-esteem from themselves, unaware that their endless drive to achieve is motivated by an ever raising bar that measures “success.”

Both of these can lead to a variety of maladies: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, compulsions, eating disorders, etc.

Relational Depth Therapy helps you build genuine confidence and self-esteem, which become internalized states that remain even when things don’t go your way.

As your therapist I will help you discover where your low self-esteem comes from and how it manifests. Together we will repair those structural infirmities, and build your true sense of self.

Your relationship to yourself is the foundation of your relationship to everything else in life; there can be no more worthy investment.

Who I am is not good enough … but I don’t know how to be anyone else.