How Therapy Helps

Therapy provides a safe space where you can open up and explore parts of yourself that feel unsafe to expose elsewhere.

Therapy is a powerful vehicle when you recognize that in one way or another, you are not living the life you want to live.

You have the wisdom to recognize you need help to find your way, and the resourcefulness to seek out that help.

It is a common misconception that asking for help indicates weakness or deficiency, when reality is quite the opposite.

It takes incredible courage and strength to face your greatest challenges in life; therapy helps you access those resources to become who you know we can be, and create a life you are inspired to live.

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As your therapist, I create a safe space where you can open up and explore parts of yourselves that feel unsafe to expose elsewhere.

Problematic parts of your experience often languish in isolation; the antidote is to explore them with a non-judgmental other who brings a trained eye to your inner world: who helps you see the sense of yourself when illuminated by the light of your context. Through this process of inquiry, exploration and discovery, I help you harmonize your relationship with your self, which in turn impacts every other part of your life.

Think about it… You are the one person you’re guaranteed to go to sleep with and wake up to every single day of your life. What relationship could be more important to tend to?

Creating lasting change, as opposed to that based on willpower, is very challenging in that it requires your brain to “rewire” in complex ways. Neurobiological studies have proven that secure therapeutic relationships can activate your neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s continued ability to change when stimulated in specialized ways.

You are the one person you’re guaranteed to go to sleep with and wake up to every single day of your life.

My goal is to create a safe, secure relationship with you.

Together, we can get you activated and ready to evolve. Once this happens, therapeutic experiences with me can “rewire” your brain, so your hard-earned changes become permanent, allowing you to relax into them without fear they are fleeting.

Over time peace and security are drawn inward, making them states that travel within you, wherever you may go.

Why You Are HereHow You Can Grow

Low Self Esteem

lacking confidence
sense of fraudulence

Build Confidence & Self Worth

develop self-esteem & confidence
discover & develop authenticity
relax into yourself
rediscover peace, joy & passion

Feeling Stuck/Helpless

held back by old wounds/trauma
sense of powerlessness & reactivity
dysfunctional patterns
loss of meaning/ spiritual disconnect

Empowerment: Get Unstuck

heal your history
take empowered action in life
create awareness & lasting change
heal addictions/compulsions
rediscover meaning/spirituality

Emotional Challenges

explore influence of family, culture & religion on emotional wounding
chaotic, overwhelming feelings
feeling numb, flat or disconnected
conflicting feelings, indecisiveness, creative blocks

Emotional Intelligence

heal & cultivate your relationship to your emotions
understand & regulate emotions
develop emotional aliveness
cultivate decisiveness, intuition & creativity

Relationship Difficulties

relationships evoking old wounds & patterns
isolation & loneliness
difficulty connecting & trusting
losing sense of self in relationships
retreating from relationships

Create Healthy Relationships

heal old relational wounds & dysfunctional patterns
find healthy, reciprocal relationships
relax into connection and build trust
retain sense of self in relationship
find and develop your healthiest relational approach

Life Transitions

circumstantial transitions
developmental transitions/aging
traumatic life changes
grief & loss

New Beginnings

develop resilience & flexibility
learn to let go & move on
find courage to heal & move on
process grief & loss, find closure

I always feel so low and down on myself. How can I pick myself up and feel better in a sustaibable way?