My name is Andrea Chilton

and this is my story

Life has been a powerful teacher for me.

I have witnessed first-hand that tremendous strength and freedom emerges from embracing life’s greatest challenges. I am driven by my unwavering faith in the human spirit’s ability to heal and evolve, and it is an incredible honor to accompany others in their own journeys toward wellness.

In my path I have had challenging and varied obstacle courses to navigate, through which survival at times felt like more of a gift than a given.

In navigating my own challenges, I have been tried, humbled, educated, resourced and strengthened. As a survivor of varied traumatic abuse, abduction, harassment, and exploitation, I have consistently found ways to come out on top.

I wanted more than mere survival; I wanted to thrive in the face of my challenges. Doing so required a lot of self-exploration and hard work. Now I offer that knowledge, experience and wisdom to you.

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Marriage and Family Therapist licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences
License Number MFC50103
Private Practice opened 2007

Education & Degrees

Master’s Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology
California Institute of Integral Study
Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts
California Institute of Integral Study

Through my many years of personal therapy…

I discovered the power of reaching out for support and healing through exploratory and insight-driven relationships. It wasn’t long before I recognized my passion for this work, and my capacity to help others learn to thrive as well.

I have dedicated myself to a life of healing and evolution, and I bring my own fire-forged strength and insight to helping others navigate theirs. My clients have the assurance that I don’t deign to walk them through territory I have not developed a strong compass for myself.

It is a strong point of ethical integrity for my profession that I stay actively engaged in my own personal work. Healing, growth and evolution are elements of a journey, not a destination. I work hard to embrace that journey in every way possible.

In navigating my own challenges, I have been tried, humbled, educated, resourced and strengthened.

I am a California native and have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life.

I spent over two years living and working in Japan and Taiwan to gain a broader world perspective, where I served as a mentor, a teacher, and a professional singer. I have also spent significant periods of time in Central America.

One of my greatest passions in life is SCUBA diving, followed closely by dance, singing, hiking and skiing. I am a great lover of animals and adore caring for my dog and two cats.

I travel internationally often, which helps me maintain an integral perspective. It also helps keep me aware of how blessed I am to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

Continuing Education, Training & Experience

  • Private Practice opened 2007
  • Clinical Supervisor, 3 Years
  • Clinical Training & Internship
  • Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center, 2 Years
  • AEDP Immersion Course, 32 CEUs
  • AEDP Essential Skills Course, 1 Year, 65 CEUs
  • AEDP Core Skills Training, 1 Year, 65 CEUs (pending)
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Immersion, 40 CEUs
  • Attachment In Psychotherapy Training, 12 CEU’s
  • Dialectical Behavioral Training, 6 CEU’s
  • Social Rehabilitation Group Counselor, 1 Year
  • Social Rehabilitation Counselor, 2 Years
  • Hospice Care & Counseling, 1 Year
  • Peer Counseling Volunteer, 4 Years
  • Los Angeles Personal Growth Center Volunteer, 1 Year

To help you grow, I offer you my life’s knowledge, experience and wisdom.