Navigate Life Transitions

The only constant in life is change, but that certainly doesn’t make it easy.

Life brings transitions that come with age and development, all of which come with their own sets of challenges.

There are circumstantial changes that come as we live our lives, such as moving, marriage/new partner, parenthood, career switch, empty nest, or menopause.

Then there are the changes that take us by surprise, often knocking the wind right out of us; instances of divorce/break-up, unexpected parenthood, death of a loved-one, traumas, illness, mid-life crisis, etc.

We all have our own ways of responding to life transitions: for some change is relatively easy, but for others it can be jarring, painful, and disorienting.

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How Relational Depth Therapy Can Help

When it comes to helping you navigate life transitions, Relational Depth Therapy can yield tremendous growth … when traversed consciously.

Sometimes, change is like wild-fire in a familiar old grove: it can feel destructive and heartbreaking. But a forceful clearing out of the familiar can make way for the emergence of fresh, new growth. I am here to help you bear the weight of your transitions.

Together we will mine them, whatever their nature, for all the possibility they have to offer.

No one should have to endure trauma, grief or loss alone. As your therapist, I will bear witness to your process and help you move through the emotions you find along the way. I will assist you in gathering the resources you need to find courage and move forward, a changed person, into your new world.

How is it possible to both crave change and to be terrified of it at the same time?