Relational Depth Therapy

A state of profound contact and engagement between people.

As a Depth Pychotherapist…

I focus on getting below the surface of your presenting issues in order to address the foundational challenges those issues emerge from. Think of it like working on your home. It doesn’t do much good to repair the windows and restore the roof when there are faults in your foundation and cracks in your plumbing.

Working on these foundational levels allows me to help you change in ways that last beyond the application of will power and vigilance; ultimately it can alter the neural pathways in your brain, which permanently changes your experience of yourself and thus your behaviors.

As a Relational Therapist…

I work with you to co-create a relationship that is safe and secure enough to support doing the deep, foundational work that will allow for lasting change.

Wounds generated within relationships only heal within relationships; that is how the parts of the brain get activated where those wounds and resulting patterns are encoded. Once the brain is effectively activated, we have the power to help it “rewire” based on new relational experiences.

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About Depth Therapy

Change based on willpower is fickle; it holds as long as you can hold your breath, so to speak. Eventually life turns on the fan, and your proverbial shit is guaranteed to take aim. In the midst of that storm, willpower can be impossible to hold as you go into survival mode.

It is utterly human to fall back into familiar patterns when your energy is diverted toward surviving the storm, which can be incredibly discouraging when you have invested heavily in trying to change those patterns. Successful depth work allows you to relax, knowing that the change you have realized will hold… even when the shit hits the fan.

I’m looking for someone to really help me go deep and evolve as a person.

​About Relational Therapy

The therapeutic relationship serves as a microcosm of the rest of your relational world. Attending to it allows us to find a deep understanding of how you relate to yourself and others.

Working within it gives us the opportunity to address relational issues in real time, when we have the greatest power to capture and heal what most needs to be addressed.

It’s like learning to snowboard… mastering new skills occurs when you are actually riding the mountain, not talking about when you rode last week

Having a professional instructor there to ride with you, observe what is working for you and what isn’t, and give you feedback and guidance while you are actually doing it… that is how you improve. You experience what doesn’t work and learn new maneuvers that do, while you have a professional there to keep you safe.

As your therapist I will guide you, support you, and observe the flaws in form that trip you up.

I’ll be there to help dig you out of the snow, encourage you to try something new, and cheer you on as you master new skills. Muscle memory sets in, and integrates what you’ve learned into your natural style, so you can exhilarate in your advanced ability to flow and enjoy.

I’m ready to do the work and put in the effort … I just need to find the right therapist to help.